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  • Like nothing else on the market today.
  • Bridging the gap from Vintage tones to Face Melting Death Metal
  • Neck 4.6k/3H Ceramic+N34
  • Bridge 5.3k/3.6H Ceramic+N34
  • Don’t let those numbers fool you; these are HOT!

These have a huge range and can do vintage(ish) tones all the way to full on death metal. I’ve tried to squash them under gain but they never get mushy! They’re a metal guy’s wet dream but can handle pretty much anything.

*Special warning: the Neos will eat Alnico so if buying these, they ship alone and should be kept away from other pickups. They do not play nice!

WOW!!! I finally got around to installing the Trendbuckers and I am AMAZED! These things sound fantastic and the range is unbelievable. They have just the classic rock crunch I’ve been looking for! I will call it clean distortion for lack of a better term…Thanks for winding such an impressive pickup!

-Chris H.