Payment Options


Your Choice of Payments

  • Paypal – Tried and true, offers 6 months protection in case you’re dealing with shady people.  They’re the safest way to buy anything online and I fully support the service.
  • EMT – Electronic Money Transfer/ Bank Transfer/ Wire Transfer.  You can pay your invoice direct to Sigil Pickups and skip the fees of other services.  I cover the Paypal fees on any purchase, but if you choose to use EMT I’ll refund you the 5% I’ll be saving on fees.


*All pickups are built to order and will be constructed on completion of payment.


Payment Plan

At Sigil Pickups, the intent is to make your pickup purchasing experience easy and pain free.  Sometimes there are specialty products that can be daunting for an “all at once” purchase.  This is where the Sigil Payment Plan comes into play.

How does it work?

Simple.  Get in touch and you can put a payment down on any Sigil product, then at your convenience you can pay off the balance on your own terms.
The catch; you need to complete payment within one year of initial deposit.  BUT, sometimes things happen and you can always request an extension if the one year period is too tight.