Gibson Style Headstock Font




The actual Gibson Headstock Font doesn’t seem to exist and there are a lot of people who have done work towards making something like it.  Most of those efforts involve images traced from photos of actual headstocks and this one is similar, but instead of an image file or PDF it’s an actual installable font.  This is not intended to be an actual replica of the Gibson font but an artistic interpretation.

Due to the nature of the lettering, you’ll have to load it up in your favorite image software and type the individual letters, then move them around so they overlap.  Then you can scale the whole thing to whatever size and export the image for personal use.

Gibson Style Headstock Font, created and distributed as fan art and for personal use only.
This is a TTF font file and is tested in Windows 7 and 10

*** Disclaimer: This is a Work in Progress and is not an official Gibson Font.  It is presented here for personal use and does differ from the actual Gibson lettering.  Some of these I will work toward improvement but the intent is NOT to perfectly mimic the Gibson font or logo.  ***

As this is a work in progress, all who purchase the font will be eligible for free updates and all future revisions.


  • No Restrictions on use; make a logo for yourself, for your mother, for your friend, for your friend’s mother… just be original!
  • please do not redistribute.
  • If you have any issues or questions, please send an email to or get in touch via the Contact Form.