Bluesman Chicago’68 10 Year Anniversary


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Bluesman Chicago’68 10 Year Anniversary Set:

  • Bloomfield ‘Super Sessions’ / Freddie King ‘Live in Europe’ Inspired P.A.F. voice; medium output
  • ~7.7k Neck / ~8.2k Bridge
  • A4 magnets
  • Authentic 1960 vintage coil wire, True PAF tones!
  • Vintage Clone 1959 PAF covers.
  • Limited run of 10 sets
  • Bright, clear and articulate;

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OK, here we go.
This will be a no bullshit and no punches pulled review.
Double cream set with nickel covers.
Installed in an 05 R8.
These are very articulate meaning I hear every note in a chord.
No bleed or mush.
The bridge pickup is Very in your face without being obnoxious. Crisp and clear.

The neck pickup is very jazz like in that it`s subtle but articulate. You hear every note but it`s understated. Almost like it was wound for someone playing Steely Dan type solos.I should note that this has a .015 cap. Bridge has a .022.

The middle position is very country like.
While these are very P.A.F.ish, they are more later P.A.F./early Pat# type. Great for blues, jazz or straight ahead rock.
With your amp, your tone will certainly differ but the tones I am getting are as follows.
More Dickey than Duane.
More Beck than Page
Absolutely NAILS Bloomfield and Kirwin.
Clean they are very acoustic like with an almost 3D to the note. Bloom and shimmer are not correct but I can`t seem to come up with a word that fits.
Add some gain and you are right there in Humble Pie land.
IMO these would sound even better in a semi hollow 335 type guitar than they do in a Les Paul.

The only thing missing that I would like is that throaty, almost cocked wah tone. Woman tone is there but could be better. I think if the actual wind were a little looser for 30%(25-40 and again at 60-75%) they would be right there but that is my opinion based on what I know about pickups and NOT a complaint.

Some here know me and what I like. I will only change these out for 4 sets of pickups:
Throbaks(I can`t afford them)
Wizz(Can`t afford them either)
REAL P.A.F.s(REALLY can`t afford them and these are better than some I`ve tried.)
A wind I used to use that don`t have anymore and for personal reasons will probably never have again).

Having said that, these might very well go back in after trying the above mentioned pickups.
For those on the fence about the last few that are for sale as the intro special, JUMP ON THEM.
If I had another guitar, I would order another set.

One more thing. I have not played with height, screws, etc yet. Pickups are flush with the rings. Tones may improve with some tinkering when time and hands allow.

I hope this helps. I tried to be as honest as possible.

EDIT******Organic and earthy liken they are actually from the wood is how I was trying to describe the note above where I couldn`t find the right words.******

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