Dear valued customers.

With full respect to existing USPTO Trademark #1,169,205 as currently active in the United States and in interest of good relations with our neighbours to the south, Bluesman Pickups will NOT offer Double Cream Pickups for sale and export to the USA.

Unfortunately, due to current software limitations it’s still physically possible to add Double Cream pickups to the basket and place the order with a US address, but in cooperation with USPTO Trademark #1,169,205 any order incorrectly placed as such will be changed to ‘Random’ colour configuration as suited to current stock.  If I have more Black bobbins on hand, you could get Double Black; more Cream bobbins on hand, some variation of Zebra or Reverse Zebra could be more likely.

To avoid any undue delay and to make sure you get your Bluesman Pickups ASAP  Do Not place an order for Double Cream pickups if you need them to be shipped to the USA.

*The Beano option is also not available to the USA due to the Double Cream neck pickup.*

Thanks for your cooperation,
David Bowes – Bluesman Pickups